ABOUT US | Petra Clinic

We are Prague's forefront of aesthetic medicine clinic. We also have a branch in Karlovy Vary.  Since 2001 we have been helping men and women achieve their dreams of a perfect body by providing a wide variety of modern, mostly non-invasive procedures. We prefer an individual aproach to our customers and  have at our disposal a trained staff of professionals with an arsenal high-quality devices.

We help our clients to feel fit and prolong their youth. We shape their figures through a use of non-invasive, painless liposuction, and the Vanquish method. Using a wide selection of dermatological procedures we are able to deal with any problems regarding the skin. From acne and  stretchmarks to age-related problems, we can fix it all. We save the time that would be spent on shaving by performing permanent epilation. Aside from one-time procedures we can take care of our clients' youthful appearances throughout the year with the use of our Anti-Aging program tailored to the individual.

Our clients can rely upon a team a true professionals in aethethic medicine headed by the founder, Mgr. Petra Řehořková,  dermatologist MUDr. Theodora-Eleni Asimiada, nutrinional advisor MUDr. Kateřina Cajthamlová, and plastic surgeon MUDr. David Tomášek. The team is also assisted by our qualified therapists who will make you feel right at home.

Our services are also regularly used by a number of celebrities such as Dana Morávková, Dominika Myslivcová, or Martin Dejdar. We have won 2nd place in the Vodafone Company 2016 awards in the Economic Newspaper (Hospodářské Noviny), which further testifies to the quality of our services.

Why Petra Clinic?

  • Individual approach - we will tailor all procedures to your specific needs
  • Free consulations - consultations with a professional regarding non-medical procedures and procedures regarding corrective dermatology are always free
  • 16 years of experience - our skills and services already have 16 years of training and improvement behind them
  • A team of true professionals - foremost Czech doctors, nutritional specialists, dermatologists, and coaches will tend to your needs
  • Modern methods and devices - we use only the best medical devices and are always one of the first in the country to utilize newest procedures