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We help Miss Czech Republic 2004 with skin rejuvenation

Miss Czech Republic 2004 and Master of Pharmacology, Jana Doleželová frequently visits our clinic. She doesn't need to undergo any invasive procedures with her nigh-perfect body, so she only uses non-invasive treatments such as rejuvenation and corrective dermatology. She has underwent calves epilation, microneedle radiofrequency and other anti-aging treatments.



We help this well-know actress slow down aging with non-invasive methods

Mahulena Bočanová doesn't like plastic surgery, and so she slows down aging with the help of non-invasive methods, with which she doesn't need to worry about negative effects. We gave her a facelift, which not only improved her looks, but also her self-esteem.



This rockstar goes to Petra Clinic with his whole family

The frontman of the band Olympic is a long-time customer at our clinic, where we tend to his skin, and help him stay in shape. Petr regularly undergoes mesotherapy to help with hair growth, non-invase facelifts to smooth out wrinkles, or even the Vanquish liposuction for a painless reduction of belly fat. Petr is always pleased with his visits to our clinic, and he usually takes his whole family with him.



The nutritional advisor from the TV show You Are What You Eat! (Jste to, co jíte!) also works at Petra Clinic

We have celebrities even in our staff. This famous expert on healthy lifestyle will examine you, go through your laboratory results, help create your dietary and physical regimen, and help you with other changes in your lifestyle.



This signer not only takes advantage of our procedures, but also buys products from our e-shop.

The singer, Petra Janů, is not a big fan of invasive procedures and we don't think she needs any. She has tried the shockwave treatment and had her thighs smoothed. However, she also uses our collagen gel for home use, which helps prevent the creation of wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.



We regularly tend to this successful moderator's skin

A female body undergoes many changes during pregagncy and not all have a positive effect on how it will look afterwards. Kristina Kloubková knows that first hand. After she had a cesarean section done, Kristina decided to get professional help for her belly. We smoothed out her belly with painless liposuction. We also pampered her skin with our cosmetic care, which she now regularly enjoys.



We tend to these opera stars bodies and skin

The members of this opera trio regularly use our cosmetic care and body procedures. For example, Tereza Mátlová enjoys getting pampered with face and neckline massages. Not to mention, the three singers sang on Christmas 2016 on the roof of our clinic for a charitative event to help the Kapka Naděje foundation .



We regularly tend to this blogger's body

Dominika Myslivcová is a regular customer at Petra Clinic. She takes advantage of our dermatological treatments such as plasmalifting or diamond mircodermabrasion. She underwent the shock wave treatment to reduce cellulite, and she frequently lets us pamper her skin by our dermatological procedures. She also periodically undergoes permanent epilation, so she won't have to waste time on shaving. Dominika uses the Petra Clinic brand skin care products for home use.



We tend to this famous actor's face and body

Martin Dejdar is one of our most frequent male customers. In our clinic, he has underwent laser removal of birthmarks on his back, rejuvenation of the face by microneedle radiofrequency technology, and even permanent epilation, which rid him of his excessive sweating problems. He has also tried our painless liposuction and ascertained its positive effects.



Dana Morávková is the long-standing face of Petra Clinic.

Dana Morávková represents our ideal of natural female beauty and we love to have her on board. Even though Dana doesn't need almost any beautification,  she visits our clinic quite frequently, mostly for small dermatological procedures and permanent epilation. By her own words, what Dana appreciates the most, is Petra Řehořková's pervasive professionality, warm manners and personality.