Acne, wrinkles, stretchmarks, visible tiredness. Essentially all women experience at least one of these skin problems during the course of their life. Up until recently most of them were very hard to treat effectively. Fortunately, medicine caught up in the past several years in the form of a fast developing field of corrective dermatology, which brings more and more innovative procedures every year to battle problems, to which skincare products were considered among the most effective solutions just a couple of years ago.

One of today's most popular corrective dermatology procedures is Plasmalifting - application of plasma, red blood cells, growth factors, and hyaluronic acid into the skin. The rejuvenating coctail is made of the patients own blood. Plasmalifting of the face is a modern, rejuvenation method, which can produce up to 5 ml of the precious filling using the patients blood and the rejuvenating coctail with hylauronic acid.

4D facelift is a V.I.P. treatment using the combined Fotona Dynamis Laser, which rejuvenates the face from both the outside and the inside thanks to a unique combination of technologies. The methods of rejuvenation are chosen specificaly to suit the specific condition of the skin. This effective rejuvenating treatment does not require anesthetics, is painless and does not impose any limitations on the client. The 4D Lifting treatment is composed of multiple procedures. It can also be combined with Petra Clinic's special Warm Lifting and regular cosmetic procedures.

If you have longterm problems with acne, we can provide an effective solution! Acne treatment using the newest type of laser is a very comfortable and highly effective procedure, which reduces even active acne. The main advantage of the acne treatment with the Fotona laser in Petra Clinic is a quick, painless, non-invasive application without lasting rednees, blisters, and burn marks.

Microneedle radiofrequency can tighten and reduce stretchmarks and help start natural regeneration and creation of collagen, which makes the skin smooth and tight. The procedure can be performed throughout the whole year. The benefits of this treatment are visible rejuvenation of the skin and significant and immediate reducion of stretchmarks.